Sociology Scholarships

Start your search for sociology scholarships here using this online scholarship directory, which will sort your potential scholarship options by a wide range of factors. Search using the state sponsorship and school sponsorship functions to find scholarships that apply to studies in specific states, or through a specific traditional or online sociology program. You can also use the ethnicity tool to find scholarships and fellowships available to specific ethnic groups. If you are starting a program and have multiple years remaining, you can use the renewability tool to determine whether a scholarship can continue past its initial award, providing funding for multiple academic years. On the other hand, if you have already started your program, use the minimum GPA function to make sure that you only find scholarships that have GPA requirements that you meet. Finally, regardless of your situation, use the enrollment level tool to find scholarships for your degree program, whether you are in high school or finishing a doctoral degree.

While the directory is a useful tool, you should not stop searching for funding opportunities here. Use search engines to exhaust all possible state and national scholarships in sociology. If you cannot find more sociology scholarships online, consider asking your employer or your school for additional funding opportunities.

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Identify Trends in Sociology Scholarships

The most generous sociology scholarships, fellowships, and grants are for students who are completing a master’s or doctoral degree, or who are working on post-doctoral research. These awards provide tens of thousands of dollars, with some offering more than $70,000 per year. Some sociology scholarships are only intended for those undertaking specific research or working in particular areas of sociology. If you do qualify for these awards, then you won’t have to compete with too many other students, so be sure to apply.

Very few scholarships for undergraduate sociology students are exclusively available to sociology majors. Most are part of broader liberal arts, social sciences, or mental health programs, meaning the potential pool of applicants is likely to be larger than average. You should make sure that all of your scholarship materials are in order before applying for each of these broad scholarships to ensure that you have a solid chance at each funding opportunity. Use the directory to find as many scholarships as you can, and apply for any you believe you qualify for in order to maximize your potential return.

Key Sociology Scholarships

Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship

This scholarship is offered by the Ford Foundation and is intended for students who are committed to a career in teaching and research at the university or collegiate level. The monetary award exceeds $20,000 per year and is renewable for up to three years. Selected students are also invited to attend at least one Conference of Ford Fellows, hosted by the Ford Foundation.

O. Ruth McQuown Scholarship

This scholarship is offered by the University of Florida and is available to both graduate and undergraduate students in a broad variety of liberal arts and social sciences. Undergraduate students can receive between $500 and $3,000 per year, while graduate students can receive more substantial monetary awards. Selection of graduate scholarship awardees favors those who are committed to breaking down barriers to education for racial minorities and women.

Directory of Sociology Scholarships